Real Estate Investing

Not since Rockefeller’s time has there been a more opportune time to invest in Real estate. The stock market is volatile. Banks are paying very little to save with them and in some cases they are charging to keep cash. The banks are not lending even to the most credible buyers unless they have significant downpayments. This creates “tenants by necessity”. The housing market is soft so first time home buyers are nervous to purchase. This creates “tenants by choice”. Many sellers have completed short sales and their credit has been affected. These are now “tenants by necessity.” Ideal family rental homes are being sold at deep discounts by the banks to investors.

If a consistent 10% to 12% return on your cash interests you, now is the time…….

With a combined 70 years experience in banking, investing and real estate management, we have the ability, contacts, savvy, resources and strength to ensure that your investments yield maximum income and growth.

We source bank owned and short sale properties through our numerous relationships with REO managers in both large and small banking institutions. We negotiate with the banks for the deepest cuts in purchase price. We then improve, rent and manage the real estate for ultimate return and income to you, the investors.

The definition of REAL ESTATE is “property consisting of land or buildings”:

Unlike investments in the stock market where money can disappear overnight, “Real” Estate is “Real” and will always be there for you and your heirs.