Property Management – Residential Homeowners

Residential Services Commitment

Property Management & Operations LLC. (PMORealty)  Residential Management Services are the best in the business.  We protect our clients investments. Through meticulous accounting, constant communication with our clients, and unbeatable marketing plans, PMO is the obvious choice for professional property management.

Full Service Property Management
We provide a full range of services including leasing, rent collection, in-house maintenance and accounting for residential homes.

Maximum Marketing of Rental Properties
We advertise available properties on the MLS and 35 other websites, our rental bulletin, the PMO Realty website, and through professional signage at the property.  As a member of the National Association of REALTORS®, we work with all area REALTORS®.

Thorough Screening of Tenants
To ensure top-quality tenants, all applicants are thoroughly screened, including their credit history, income verification, rental history, driving history, employment verification and debt to income ratio.

Excellent Property Maintenance
Our well-staffed maintenance division is able to respond quickly to our tenants’ and owners’ repair and renovation needs.  In the case of outside vendors, we have several local companies with whom we have superb working relationships and discount programs and are able to monitor their work for our clients as it is completed.

Around the Clock Service
Our maintenance department is available 24 hours a day, and the property managers and assistant property managers are “on call” for dealing with emergencies all hours.

High-Tech Automated  Accounting System
We provide our clients with comprehensive monthly statements as well as year-end reports.

Qualified Staff
We have a qualified, licensed, and experienced staff of professionals to provide service for our clients.